Thursday, May 27, 2010

Still here but not Online Often

I haven't updated the blog since the holidays and I thought it was time to post a quick note.  I received a couple of emails from other blogger friends asking about my absence and was everything OK.  Honestly, I haven't had much enthusiasm to update. I've kinda withdrawn and been a bit out of sorts about our adoption.  I'm usually a pretty upbeat person but the lack of adoption news, and movement as gotten me very down.  I haven't checked in much, but I have left a few comments here and there.  I really do enjoy reading about the fun happenings with the families I have "met" in blog world.  And I  LOVE to see the pictures!! I apologize if I have neglected someone in my absence.  It wasn't intentional to be mean.

Our adoption has been the opposite of an adventure. An adventure would mean that something was happening.  In our case, nothing has happened.  We have updated our fingerprints in the fall, (not that they have changed, but rules are rules) extended our USICS paperwork, we were approved and recently updated/renewed our home study.  We look great on paper and I have some good pictures too.  We have hit the official two year waiting (for a referral) milestone in April, so as I type this we are going into 26 months waiting for the referral of a precious boy.  I never in my wildest night mare thought we would be at this point.  It has been so frustrating and worrisome. Will it EVER happen for us???  Some days I am good, focus on the kids, their projects & activities, my great husband Chris, the laundry (that never stops) and my Mom.  And other days, I think Ooo, that's a great picture for the blog, or here's a funny happening from our weekend, but then I wonder if I'll ever get to post - It's a referral! Some days I feel like we are the only family still waiting for a referral.  :-(  So I wind up not posting anything.

This blog was to be about our Taiwan adoption and I feel like I have nothing to contribute.  Nothing has happened.  Please understand that I don't intend to be sad or absent, the wait is HARD!!  I know some other moms have been there and gotten through, so I try to be strong and keep hoping that it will be our turn some day, SOON!

Until that day happens I will try to update the blog with more pictures of the kids.  Lately alot has been going on with them and as school winds down (thankfully so does the homework) I can share what they have been doing.  My dining room table, our normal staging area for projects and such, has been very busy, as usual, and it's latest project, I am VERY proud of.  Our adoption file is still there waiting to be mailed, copied, and put to use, but the kids have kept it full too.

Until then, if you have stopped by, please understand my absence and frustration.
Still trying to be patient.....and hopeful