Thursday, October 6, 2011

We have TRAVEL dates!!

We are going to Taiwan to meet our new son, Kyle!  Finally, the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter each day!!

We have our Forever Family Day on November 16th and 
our AIT appt on the 17th!!!  

We are up to finding a hotel which has proven to be a bit of a challenge.  All of the hotels I previously looked at will not work for us as a traveling family of four!  (that sounded like a circus??   LOL)  We need a hotel room that has two double beds in it.  This sounds pretty reasonable right?  No.  Double beds so far have been two twin beds in a room!  Nope, that's not going to work.   Double beds aren't as common as you would think.  I'm being a bit cheap here, but two rooms wasn't in the budget. But THANKS to several other families who have traveled this journey before us, and a post on Facebook, those endlessly supportive and always there for you families, have given me a list of about ten possibilities that I plan on checking tonight!  I'm not on Facebook alot, but after my panic set in, I needed help!  They were there for me.   I am very grateful for all the families and friends I have made there as part of this adoption!!!  

I am also checking with two travel agents for comparison pricing on airfare.  As the traveling family (circus) of four, this is not going to be cheap!  So to get the most for my money, shopping for this is a must!    Now I just need the planets to align once more for the prices to come back fair, the hotels to have big beds and good western style breakfast (eggs bacon, bread, fruit and lots of carbs) and then we will book it all!

We are so excited here!!  After finishing this huge task of circus trip planning, I'm will be finishing Kyle's room, cleaning the rest of the basement and starting to pack.  Pictures will follow of his room.  Can't wait for that!

And I know I've mentioned this before, but I still have a few dolls ( Kids (dolls) need a Good Home ) that still need a new family to love them if anyone is still interested.  There were a few people interested but I was having trouble responding to them, emails and Google weren't cooperating.  So if you were interested and I didn't get back to you, I'm sorry.  Due to technology and myself not always getting along, please try to reach me again!!


Sarah said...

Let's go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ready to read all about your travels! :)

Robin said...

Fantastice news! Get packing and get that circus of yours on a plan.

QingLu Mama said...

WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!!!!! I am so excited for you!
And it will all come together, those planets will align and it will just work. Then it will be an amazing trip for all of you!

I am so happy, let the countdown to holding that darling Kyle really begin!

Lisa said...

So glad I remembered to peek and sorry I missed your FB post...I am having trouble with the new format! Ugh!

So overjoyed for you all...and he is SO SO SO cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hugs and thanks for keeping us posted!

Lynette said...

He is completely precious, and I am so excited for you. You are no doubt juggling jet lag with excitement at this very moment. God bless all of you for a safe, happy trip, and the most awesome forever family day with Kyle! xoxox ps- PICTURES!! ;)

Robin said...

Just checking in to let you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers as you experience your time as a new Mom to your adorable little guy.

Maria said...

Okay, I am seriously late in responding....hello!!! You probably have your precious baby in arms at this point, and I am so happy for you! Congrats, big time! :D