Sunday, June 12, 2011

These Kids Need a New Home!

OK, first, let me clarify.....these are NOT real kids!  But to my Mom they were her KIDS!  While cleaning out & "nesting" as waiting Mom's do, I have been cleaning everything that I can.  My cabinets are covered with Post-It Notes as my To-Do list and I hope my friends and family can help me with this note.

This guy has wire to make him bendable! 
My mom LOVED Cabbage Patch Kids and had a good collection of them.  I would like to find homes for them.  Some of them are not in their original boxes but some are.  They are all clean.  They have been loved and well taken care of all their little lives.  I am NOT looking to sell them, they are for FREE TO A GOOD HOME!!!  I will ask for about $5 or $10 for shipping.  I don't know what it will cost, but that is the only money I will ask for.  My biggest request is that you promise to LOVE them just like my Mom did!!  She would want "her babies" to go a special little girl or boy who will love them too and she would be soooo happy knowing they were loved and cuddled each day.  This is a picture heavy they are
His tongue is sticking out - Mom did that all the time!  :) 

This girlie has a lot of hair! Not a flattering picture - I think I will have my photographer re-do this shot
this young chap reminded me of Elvis ?

Mom loved his little glasses!  

Mom loved all her blonde hair and dimples! 

15th Anniversary
I love her green dress

I also some Boyd's Bears too....same thing - just need lots of LOVE in a good home.....

Holding her Ice Cream

Bunny- very soft

Ballerina Bear 
Not Boyds but Cute anyway
  Please feel free to send me a note if you are interested in any of these for yourself or your children.  You can email directly at  It will be first come first choice.  Please feel free to share the link with your friends and family.  I really would like them to find good homes.  We already have so many dolls here we really can not keep them all.   Please help share my Mom's love !!!


Nate said...

Terry, just catching up on your blog. My heart goes out to you with your wait. Our paperwork was just sent last week. We were hoping for a two-month court process. Ugg! Best wishes for a speedy final:)

Ted and Maria said...

Hi husband and I just sent in our application to adopt from Taiwan. We're in the beginning stages and soooo excited.

I'd LOVE the little Elvis guy Cabbage Patch he still available? You can email me at iftowhen at gmail dot com.