Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Yes, I said it, out loud for the world to hear and read!!  We finally received our final decree from the Taiwan courts!  He is legally our son......so here is the cute little face we fell in LOVE with, to go with his spikey hair

This was one of our first pictures of Kyle   :)

This was our second update photo

This was our last update photo - He wants the camera I guess or I like to think he is saying HI  :)

This is our newest son - Kyle Patrick.  We haven't received our travel dates yet, but I am hoping, praying and wishing that we receive them soon!  I am soooo ready to meet him!!

To try an pass the waiting (again) time, we are going to finish getting things ready for Adam as he prepares to head off to college.  But he will be back soon, both kids will be traveling with us to meet Kyle!  Our "priceless" Mastercard moment I call it, and it will be worth it.  Emily will be starting school also, but she isn't worried about anything.  She is ready to meet her new brother too.  Both of them will do fine traveling, (I'm the nervous one) and I'm not worried about them catching up missed classwork.  This coming weekend will be devoted to school prep and then we are going to finish Kyle's room.  I'm soooo excited - it finally happened!!  Can't wait to meet him!!!!

Off to update Facebook next!  I'm soooo far behind on "telling the world"  our news :)  Please forgive me!  I have a check list ten pages long, and I wanted to start here.    C'mom travel dates!!!!