Friday, May 15, 2009

I've been Surf Controlled

One day last week , I get to work, normal day... go through the morning routine, getting ready to enjoy my morning cup of hot chocolate.......cautionary note: no coffee -caffeine and Terry are not a good combination; as those who know me can testify, caffeine puts me into overdrive and you would never be able to get me to stop talking...... back to the warm coco, it's quiet at work, which in itself is a true blessing. I work for a busy construction company and people are always in and out. Anywaaaay, (no, I haven't had any caffeine LOL) as I am settled in my office, I attempt to check in to Taiwan Adoption Blog world, my favorite thing to do in the morning.....I really enjoy the stories and see how other families are doing, new happenings, funny things kids do, any new adoption information or new updates with pictures ~ I really like those posts! Open the Internet, go to my Fav's and there it is.........ACCESS DENIED!!! OK, Wait, don't panic, let's try again, right ? Maybe something is just not connecting.........ACCESS DENIED AGAIN!!!! Several attempts and nothing. Same blah, tan screen. I really didn't like that screen.

It seems that while we were all snug, sleeping the night away, the IT Dept in the main office was very busy installing new surf control software!! Darn those geek guys. Although our IT guys are not really 'geeks', they are very helpful and genuinely nice guys. That day, they were getting the Stink Eye from one very disappointed adoptive mom!!! It's a good thing that their office is two and half hours away in north Jersey.

It seems that Taiwan Adoption Blogs are "Social Networking" and (in their eyes) rank right next too Facebo*k and MySp*ce. I think Taiwan Adoption Sites are better but now they are not permited on the work network.

I lost my therapy! I have been DENIED! I know what some of you might be thinking - I was at work, I am not supposed to be catching up on my personal web surfing at work. And you are right. I was taking some time to catch up. I admit it. I know that this is not a very good excuse, but with our adoption going at a snail's pace, reading other stories is therapeutic. It gives me hope and something to look forward to. I can read about hotel stays, the places to see, and as always ~ PICTURES! Thank you to the other families for allowing me to share & enjoy your stories. I wish the IT guys and the bosses felt the same way.

Another intuitive and wonderful mom, Riza, (and very supportive too) recently posted about how Moms' needs often take a back seat to the needs of their children. I am no different. Kids come first. The kids get to the computer first so I don't get a lot of computer time at home. I have "Mom things" to take care of and the evening just slips away so fast. I am guilty of sneaking a quick peek from work. And now I have been Surf Controlled!! Ugg !!

I would like to apologize in advance if I miss a new update, happy surprise, referrals or travels dates (yes, recently almost missed that post, sorry Sara). I will get to them, I promise. I have adjusted some settings on my blog, hopefully I have got them set right, and I can check them quickly. Any tips for blogs updates would be great~please share.

I am trying to look a this positively, that I will be a better employee, maybe read more news, and even try to be a better mom by asking to share the computer.

PS ~ I couldn't find a construction sign for Surf Control LOL I'll look tomorrow