Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Busyness Keeps (us) Going ......

Our June had a lot of running around, mostly the winding down of activities, and we even squeezed in a birthday with Father's Day. Emily finished up dance classes for the summer but not without a stumble this year. When you send your daughter to dance you imagine that she is learning grace, poise, and balance. This year Emily tested all those things, being over eager going to class one day, only a couple of weeks before the recital, this is what I was greeted with when I picked her up two hours later......not smiling though.
She was running up the concrete steps, tripped and scrapped both shins! Big Ouch! (Did I mention grace and balance?) She was trying not to limp when she walked, being very brave. It was worse than it looks and but Sp*ngeBob helps! She needed about 5 of those little strips to cover each scrape! Thankfully her tights covered them nicely as part of her costume. Here is one of her costumes for the show,
Pardon the background.....It was the best place to show off the costume. She is trying to be serious here; in this dance routine, the girls were to be serious, and not smile, but I kept making her giggle. She wore another outfit, totally black, very sequined and looked great on her, those pictures didn't turn out so well. I have helped out as a backstage mom for several years. So loaded with my bag of tricks, hairspray, every color of bobbie pins known to mankind, double sided tape, more bandaids, snacks and juice, I help the girls change costumes, hair pieces, and help keep them in the right order for the show. It is absolutely amazing! These girls dance in several numbers, having to change multiple times, and remember all the steps for each one. The best part is watching the younger girls look up to and learn from the older ones, and watch each one grow with confidence in them selves. I love being back there!! So much and energy and FUN !!

Dress rehearsal before the show. The theme was All Creatures Big and Small, so alot of animal prints. Reviewing places with our teacher. And this was her other teacher for jazz class - they could be sisters! Teacher M was also adopted from Korea as a little girl - another great connection! Needless to say the show was wonderful and all the girls, even the littlest ones who are sooo cute in their little tu-tu's had a great time. We start that all over again in September!

I can't forget my bestest guys..........Adam finished up his last year of baseball and tennis (for school). Adam is my hardest person to take a picture of, he doesn't like it. But while he was on the field I got him!

He looks very grown up and professional here. Oh my. It's hard to admit, but I have to look UP to see him eye to eye! He will always be my little boy playing with hotwheels on the kitchen floor, panicked when they roll under the refrigerator! Ahhh, memories. Here's my drama, lately he's looking at another type of car, this time ALOT bigger. I can't believe this part......driver's permit !! I want the hotwheels back !! (heavy sigh)

I had to face facts when his birthday came and he proudly reminded me of his new right of passage. Adam can get his driver's permit this summer. I'm still in denial!!! Probably will be until he comes home from the motor vehicle agency with the permit in hand. I know those hotwheels are in the attic somewhere, I might need them! Therapy. We had family and friends over for his favorite, ice cream cake. Mmmm, it was good too!

June brings Father's Day so I had Emily grab Chris, hoping for a group shot but Adam darted away again. Boys. I just love this picture.........

Our June ended in a very special way, compliments of the owner of the company I work for. He owns a very large boat, 70 feet of largeness. Each summer he has a few 'employee trips' and we get to bring spouses or friends along for the ride. Our evening takes place in New York Harbor. The whole night you are waited on by the crew and the staff, serving awesome food and drinks. I haven't been on this trip for many, many years and it is awesome each time! The weather was perfect, so was the company and no complaints were heard.

New York Harbor, just before the sun was setting. The captain actually took us right up to Ellis Island and the Statute of Liberty. It was sad not seeing the Twin Towers, but said a prayer for the lives lost that sad day.

Yep, going UNDER the Brooklyn Bridge as we head up the East River.

Looking down from the tower, taking a picture of Chris.......it was so cool to be up that high, the view was great!!

This was probably my favorite picture of the evening...........

Terry and Chris caught having a great time!!

In July we took a few road trips for vacation - More fun !!


Lisa said...


Again I just have to say it...you make that kind of "bizzeeness" look so easy! I don't know how you do it AND manage to write about it with grace and humor. I love your style girl! And actually I think I DO know how you do it....cuz the LOVE for your kiddos and family shines right on through!

What a cruise and what a dance season! Both of your kiddos are gorgeous and I cannot believe how your little Hot Wheels playing boy has grown! He looked like a MLB player in that shot!

Emily is beautiful in her costume and you must be so proud!

Thanks for the great recap...I love hearing it ALL and will greedily anticipate more as time allows!! *grin*

QingLu Mama said...

Well, you guys have been busy! I love the photos, Emily looks like a beautiful pro dancer and Adam looks like he owns that field...so much confidence! It must be wonderful for you guys to see your kids doing so fantastic! Definitly a great job by Mom & Dad.
I love the hot wheels story too! It is a huge milestone to get a learner's permit, holy cow!
And I love the photo of Emily & Chris and am glad to hear Father's Day was a great one! Next year you'll have 3 kiddos to help celebrate!
I owe you an email back...I started it on Friday and there it sits in my "drafts". It was great to hear from you and I will be sending my little note off pronto!
Have a great week!

LaLa said...

So happy you commented today as I had lost your blog addy : ) I have it saved now for sure. I love coming to your blog as it gives me a glimpse into my future. Yeah, they grow up way too fast..right now my little man is holding up his arms saying Mama Mama...I know someday soon I will miss that!

Hope your summer was great!!

jacobsoliva said...

Looking at all the pictures and story detailed in this post makes me feel that all of you have had lots of fun and enjoyment together.
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