Sunday, April 10, 2011

Catching up, again!

Yes, we are still here.  We have had many, many, things happen in our house, both good and bad.  More good than bad.  Thank Heaven!  I have so much I'd like to say, update on, and just vent about.    Where to start is a good question.  I guess some the happenings were before Mom passed away and I will try my best to bring our blog current.   It will most likely be in a few posts.   Several posts from me?  That will be a shocker!!   :)      For those that have reached out to me privately, THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for your support and boat loads of kindness!!!!!   If you have peeked at our blog, thanks for hanging in there!   I have stopped by several blogs and honestly have found some comfort in reading them and as always have loved seeing pictures.  I usually read them from work (via Google reader) but it doesn't let me post a comment.  According to my daughter, that is a "stalker like" thing to do.  Not my intention, I promise!!!   Hopefully I haven't offended anyone. 

My last picture was from (gasp!) Christmas 2009!  Yes, 2009 so let's get started with 2010.......Snow - we had lots of snow we put it to good use.    Don't you just love Adam's 'snow attire'?  He didn't want to wear the snow pants I found, they made him sweat.  Boys!  Em was just tired, and the dog, well I have no idea what he was thinking....... Chris is hiding behind our snow man, he wasn't picture happy that day.

After our spring thaw, the school events kept us very busy......Mini Model Congress, 8th grade dinner cruise, prom, dance recital, and the well earned graduation.  

 Emily's 8th grade Honors History Class had to write a Bill and move it through Congress.  She wanted to have all children before the age of two years old fingerprinted for ID purposes and to help aid in finding misplaced children.  Both Honors classes went to our State Capital, competing against other schools, just as if it was a real, true life Bill.  Emily's Bill passed and become law by unanimous vote. (not legally of course, this is just an exercise)
They grow up FAST!
 The eighth graders were permitted to go on a Dinner Cruise.  And it's all about the dress........I was afraid to let her leave the driveway that afternoon!  She was absolutely beautiful!!! She looked like she was about 18 yo. Cherish each day Mom and Dad, every memory, even every little thing like gum forgotten in the pockets of her jeans.  When you reach days and events like this, you forget all the other things.  She had a wonderful time and I wish I could post all of her pictures.

Adam's Jr-Sr Prom was two weeks after Emily's Cruise, so we were busy as usual.  I wish I still had the rest of the pictures, but that's another story for later.  He looked soooooo grown up - yep, he actually shaved his little mustache off too.  His date was a lot of fun, and her dress was this interesting color, not sure what you would call it, but it looked good on her.  I think they looked stunning together!!!
They don't look like Juniors in High School do they??
Dance recital was up next a few weeks after prom.........more fancy clothes!

This was dress rehearsal and they did very well.  The show was sold out the first night and almost full house the second day too.  That's alot of happy parents and grandparents!!!
A few weeks after dance, we moved on to 8th grade graduation.....this was pretty hard on me.  She, so far, is my baby and it seemed like she was growing up soooo fast, especially over the past several months.  Were did the time go????  It felt like I was just yesterday putting her on the bus for school, and lately she only wants to buy these really, (I'm not giving in on this one) REALLY high heel shoes.  Parents, enjoy it all!!!  When my mom told me to soak up every little thing, she wasn't kidding!!!  

Yes, she made it!!!!  Yep, that's Emily under all her crazy hair that day!

Well I think this post is long enough.........I will try to update more in the next couple of days.  
Thanks for reading this far!  :)


QingLu Mama said...

Thanks for letting us know hw you all are doing and for sharing those awesome photos!!!
It's amazing how much the kids have grown...Emily is stunning and Adam just so handsome.
And for the record...I would have let Emily leave the house with no problem. But I'd have been following at a safe (close) distance for the evening! She's beautiful!

Thanks for the update, I miss you my friend and feel terrible that I am so bad at keeping in touch. Sammy Wei just wears me out...and keeps me so running all day!

Keep us posted!

Lisa said...

So happy I checked tonight; now that I'm not blogging, I feel this part of me slipping away a bit ~ but not the precious friendships I made along the way!

I think of you all often and always hoping that all is well and that good things have come your way!

The photos/update are wonderful; the kids are gorgeous and you sound happy ~ I love that!

Please don't be a stranger!!

Hugs and love,