Sunday, December 7, 2008

Our New Blog !

Hi, My name is Terry and this is our new blog. Ta Da !! We are a busy family of four, in the process of adopting from Taiwan, to be five !! I explain to others that I have three children, my smallest child, Emily, (12) adopted from China, my medium child, Adam, (15) adopted from Vietnam, and my largest child, Christopher, my husband. :-) We are patiently waiting for a baby boy from Taiwan. We have been on the waiting list for about eight months now. Based on some other blogs I've read, it looks like we have a few more months to go, and go and go and go!! (heavy sigh) Well if that's God's plan, that's what will be.

We are a waiting family with For Every Child (our agency) and if there are any other waiting families, I'd love to hear from you. Some days it feels like you are afloat at sea, with no land in sight, so to find another ship at sea would be great !! Feel free to comment and share your story or blog.

I am really new at this "blogging" thing, so I am open to comments, updates, and suggestions. This blog is very basic and as I read and learn (and when mom can get her computer time in) I try to catch up on the happenings for a few other blogs and sites to revise, update and expand. I'm not even sure I have all the settings right or flagged correctly, so if something is not readable - just let me know. Thanks for reading about us - I hope to update more this week.


Cindy said...

Just found your blog today. . .welcome to the crazy world of adoption and blogland! We are another waiting family with FEC.


Lisa said...

We are technically just waiting for travel dates to bring our baby boy home from Taiwan....somehow saying, "just" doesn't quite cut it! LOL Welcome to bloggy land; I began blogging in late August and its been such a theraputic!
You have a great start on your's and a beautiful family!
Best of luck,

Lisa said...


It was great to hear from you and thanks for the sweet comments!

It has been a crazy time of year and sometimes blogging gets pushed to the back seat! :) Fa la la la...

I look forward to following along with your journey and hope things are moving right along for your family!!
Take tons of care...I'll check back again soon!!