Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Catching up.....Finally !!

The kids are doing homework, all the appliances are fed & running, my husband is out taking care of a couple errands, even the dog is sleeping ~ it's my turn to catch up!!! Finally !! I started this blog at a very busy time of year (poor planning there) and hosting the holidays for two large families took up a lot of time. Everything is cleaned up and tucked away until next year. It's kinda sad to pack up the decorations, but I know, that we will take them back out in less than a year! The holidays are one of our favorite times of the year, and a great excuse to bake & indulge in lots of cookies! Our holiday was filled with a lot of love and fun times. My mom, even did pretty good. (Note: My mom can't get around like she used to and is on oxygen 24/7---emphysema. She has her good days and her struggle days, but still holds her own.) My niece had her baby about a month ago so it was her first Christmas, and of course her Great Aunt Terry (yes, I'm a GREAT Aunt already ugg!) bought her the cutest outfit. I didn't have time to take a picture, the ham needed my attention, then she fell asleep. :-( But Emily got to feed her a bottle.

On the adoption front, nothing new. Big frown here. We are still waiting. When we started this journey, I really had hoped that we would have received a referral by now. I was given the impression (in not so many words) that things were moving along 'pretty good'. We have been on the "official" waiting list since April 2008. I know that some other families have been waiting longer than that. I give all of you a boatload of credit ~ what 's your secret ??? I'm not trying to sound worse off than anyone else in our position, but this adoption, (#3) seems to really be a test of paitence!?!?! Some days are easier than others and as the new year begins, I am really trying to turn my paitence into a stronger Faith. In a weird twist, I had to return a few things for Mom the other day....while waiting my turn, being patient of course, I looked around and saw a display of wall plaques, the one that caught my eye, read like this.....

Faith.....is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Hebrews 11:1

Is that a sign or WHAT !???!?!?! I was on the right road!! Guess who bought that sign and another titled Family .....yep, that was ME !!! I proudly hung them on the wall in my kitchen that evening, when in doubt I can look there, and then check the adoption blogs of course! :-) I feel better now! Gotta go check some homework........

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Lisa said...


Great blog catch-up and summary of your holidays! I'm so glad to have a little peek into your traditions, family & extended family. AND I bet it was hard to limit yourself to just one darling outfit for that sweet baby! SOOO many cute things for girls! :)

Your wait has been long....and I don't think spotting that sign was a coincidence! What a beautiful saying and the fact that it brings you strength makes it all the more lovely.

Thank you for sharing that...we all need that reminder from time to time. And as the wait gets long, we need it even more frequently!! :)

I hope you hear good news very soon!