Monday, January 12, 2009

Gottcha Day 14 mos. to 14 yrs. ...... 01-12-95 !!

This is Adam's assignment picture given to our social worker from his orphanage director.
He is fourteen months old here. Fourteen months to fourteen years...........
Gottcha Day fourteen years ago.........I was in LaGuardia Airport in New York, waiting for the delayed arrival of my son, Adam, coming in from Hanoi, Vietnam. His plane was delayed due to fog, coming from the west coast where he went through immigration, so we went anyway and waitied for over 5 hours. Some of our family in the New York City region brought us deli sandwiches and we had an airport picnic. Things were different then...we were permitted to wait at the gate with our greeter and family. Today families have to travel to Vietnam, a couple of times I believe.
As I write this tonight, it is so different as our family is waiting again. This time for a referral for another son from Taiwan. I know that some of your are probably scratching your heads thinking that is a huge span in age, yes, you are right, but we love kids and the time is right!!

This is Adam one week after he came home on January 12, 1995. Today he is still a happy kid, very tall, and into computers & baseball. Below is my handsome young man, going to the sophmore (HOP, equal to the Jr./Sr. prom for underclassmen). We are very proud of him, even though he is typical teenage boy soild through!!

We Love Him !!

Since we don't have our referral to talk about, I thought I would share a glimpse into our current family as we wait. Helps pass the time.
Our daughter's Gottcha Day isn't until September...maybe I can squeak that in early :-)

We would love to hear from other waiting families too !


Lisa said...

What a handsome young man and what a beautiful little man!! I am so loving those big ole cheeks in his referral pics. and the photo of him at one week home is adorable!

You have a beautiful family & I know you are anxiously awaiting word on your third miracle! Sooner than later, I hope & pray!!

Thanks so much for sharing this!


Lisa said...


Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving me with a big ole smile. Thank you for the gentle reminder too...I need to reread my own prior post! LOL

I LOVE your blog too....I steal moments to peek whenever I can!
Hugs & thanks for the support!!

QingLu Mama said...

Terry, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! I love this post, and your blog. I will definitely be following your families journey! Your children are both handsome and beautiful, and how wonderful for all of you that you are "expecting" again!
Where in Nanchang is Emily from? Simone was in the Guixi SWI.
And we were just in PA (Yardley & Newtown) this weekend, so we may have been close to you over/up in NJ...How funny!