Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Our back yard

Neighbor down the street - his vineyard

We have SNOW! Actually measurable in inches this time!! Some of you are thinking "it's just snow", right ? Well snow doesn't always happen or even stick to the ground where we live, we are too close to the coast and it usually turns to rain. So I'm a little excited about that. I took some pictures early this morning - so peaceful outside, just the puppy and myself. Chris already left for work and the kids were still sleeping. The kids had a 2 hour delay for school to start so they got to sleep in a little extra.

Our puppy ~ Sanford

Which turns out very well because we were up late finishing another project with Emily. She had to make a college brochure~ started as each student picked a college, then had to research it, gathering a boatload of facts, course studies, costs, campus, etc. and then had to make a brochure, using pictures, school colors and facts to "sell" your college in an oral presentation. Sounds like fun, but it was a lot of work (and not a lot of notice, less than a week) and she did a great job, I hope she gets a good grade. All of this for seventh grade honors English class, I hope I survive this class, but Emily does really well.

My heavy sleeper Adam woke in a panic this morning thinking he over slept. When he realized how much snow there was, he was disappointed he didn't go out side last night to play, he went to bed early. Ahh, the priorities of a teenager ! Sleep, play and food. He was tired and needed the rest because he started high school baseball training last week so I guess he needed to catch up on sleep. But baseball season is upon us and that means spring is on the way !! YES!!!

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