Friday, February 13, 2009

Suggestions Wanted Please

I am asking for your suggestions, opinions and experiences.....good and/or bad! While we are still waiting for a referral, I have taken to cleaning; cleaning out closets and basements. I ran out of closet's here and did the basement after the holidays so I've moved on to Mom's house. She's got a lot too! I've become a regular at our local Goodwill donations center, so much that my accountant now gives me the stink eye when I hand over the receipts - I'm not worried, he's young, he will get past this.
Here's my question....Does anyone have any experience or preference to using EBay or Craig's List for selling bigger items? A few people have suggested selling some things on line. I have a computer desk, a couple of pieces of exercise equipment, an air hockey table, a lot of out door holiday decorations, things like that. It's too cold here to have a yard sale and I'm running of room to 'store' things waiting for the weather to get warmer. I have gotten raised eye brows from Chris because I have taken up a corner in the garage. I have been to each site but wanted some other input. I thought some blogger input would help. Please let me know what you think, if you have ever used these sites, which do you like better, etc. Both of my B-I-L's use EBay, but Craig's comes recommended by some co-workers too.
If we don't get a referral soon, I might have to post an ad for basement & closet cleaning! LOL


Lisa said...

Your posts while we were in Taiwan were so amazing and so supportive...thank you so much! AND you have managed to do major cleaning and organizing are incredible!
I don't have experience with either list/site, but I do have a friend that uses both with great results!
LOVE the photos of snow from your back yard too.....beautiful!

Lisa said...


Just me again.... :) Terry, I have been thinking of you, knowing that your wait has been so long....have you had any new timeline updates given of late? I'm so hoping you get good news soon.....


Paul and Heather said...

Not that this always happens...but I have a very good friend that tried to sell his dining room set on Craigs List and got scammed and written a bad check...the person never existed. Add the bad check to a really strict bank, and his account was frozen for a week while he had to clear it up.