Monday, March 23, 2009

Home Study & Update

It has been a very busy two weeks!! I wasn't sure if I could really get this all finished, but I have addressed or completed every form that our new social worker has asked for, and proudly, in record time! Our biggest hang up was with the doctor's offices - they took the longest to complete their forms. I have already spoken to our social worker (she called over the weekend-can you believe that?) and our first meeting is on Wednesday, in two days! They are moving at an awesome pace to help us get this completed and submitted to our placement agency so we do not skip a beat with Taiwan! I still can't believe that all this happened, and but it is working out so well. I knock on every piece of wood I touch these days! I'm not leaving anything to chance.

Now if we could just get a referral, that would be icing on the cake !!!
Speaking of cake, tomorrow is my husband's birthday.....wouldn't that be an awesome gift if I could tell him

"Happy Birthday Honey, & Congratulations ~ It's a Boy!"

Ahhh..... to Dream (and hope and pray and cross your fingers and toes and wish on every star)! Imagine the different ways to tell him, on the cake, in a card, on a note wrapped in a box......hmmm.....???? :-)

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