Thursday, March 26, 2009

One visit complete - One more to Go!

We had out first visit with our new social worker and she is GREAT!! (Why didn't I call them in the first place 16 months ago I'll never know?? ) It went very well.....we answered all of her questions, including the kids. She answered a few of our own questions. She took notes and added them to the folder she had, full of our life on paper and in pictures. Here's the best part - she makes weekend visits!!! I have never heard of that before. Has anyone ever had weekend visits?? Yes, she will be back over the weekend for our last visit to wrap this up, and hopes to have the first draft sent to our agency by early next week. Someone pinch me! I've found my social worker angel, sent from Heaven and Holt. Thank you !!!

Now if we could only receive a referral.......wishing for a referral, wishing for a referral!

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Lisa said...

Oh Terry,

Things are zoomingn right along and I am amazed with a weekend SW visit too! And so happy for you, as I know you are anxious to have these steps behind you once again!!

You have been busy my friend!! :)
AND you have been in my thoughts!! to check on all the other bloggy buddies...back in town now but way way behind! LOL
Hugs!! Lisa