Sunday, April 5, 2009

Catching up !

Ahhh, allergy season. I have been out of blog world for several a few, not much else. I've been sick and really only the 'have to' things were finished. Well, I'm feeling better, so I sent everyone outside to play basketball, even sent the dog outside too, so I could update our blog. Mom took over the computer ! :-)
First, I am feeling better, and Mom is still doing well too. Knock on wood!!
Second, On the Adoption front, we had our last visit with our super awesome SW, she was here last Sunday morning for several hours! Yes, on Sunday. I still can't believe she was here on Sunday. She completed the rough draft and it was emailed to me for review by Monday afternoon. Here's where I dropped the ball....I wasn't feeling well, trying to proof read, and cold medicine kicking in wasn't a good a combination. I did get it finished, and emailed her back. As of Friday afternoon, it was going to the agency for their approval. Yes!! Now if we could only get a referral .......(heavy sigh)
Finally, and I think will really show my age, (don't laugh) but while I was looking for information for the HS & the SW, I came across some dates that I thought were I thought I would share and we could all enjoy a chuckle or gasp.
This is for Adam's adoption ~ adoption application sent in to agency 10-09-93
accepted referral of our handsome little boy 09-13-94
picked up at LaGuardia Airport, NYC HOME!! 01-12-95
adoption finalized in NJ 10-16-95
Cost of I-600A filing with INS (USCIS now) $ 140.00 gasp LOL
and your fingerprints were done at the local police dpt.

*** We waited almost a year for his referral and only 4 months for him to come home. This program was really new when we did this so we were pioneers for Vietnam and still send in yearly updates & pictures via the agency to reassure the government the children are doing well. That is a fun letter to write, free reign to brag
as a proud mom! LOL ***

This is for Emily's adoption ~ adoption application sent in to agency 11-10-95
dossier to China, total of seven sets of everything 08-25-96
letter of delay- restructure of the process 10-05-96
accepted referral of our beautiful daughter 08-12-97
leave for China (normal 4-6 weeks after referral) 09-17-97
placed in my arms in Nanchang, Jiangxi Prov., China 09-23-97
go through customs in WA, fly to PA/NJ HOME !! 10-23-97
adoption finalized in NJ 10-15-98
cost of I-6ooA filing with INS $ 155.00 (not bad increase)

*** We waited 50 weeks for her referral and had only 4 weeks to get packed and last minute things completed. We were delayed in processing of our referral because of the system was beginning to send everything to Beijing for processing. The local government processed your paperwork until this change. The "normal" referral time was "few months" based on what babies were available. I'm not sure how things are processed now. ***

My, how the time lines and the costs have changed!!! We have been waiting for ONE YEAR now and still have nothing to report for update regarding the timeline. Honestly, some days I feel like it is NEVER going to happen. The kids remind me in subtle ways that "when the baby comes home" this or that will change. I try to be positive, but once in a while, it gets hard. I know other families have been waiting as long or longer that we have, I give you credit. Maybe I need a new hobby to help pass the time.


Lisa said...

Wow, that was an amazing retrospective of your past journeys! Its amazing how some things have changed so much but others stay relatively the same...such as delays, those pesky delays!

So happy to hear you are feeling better and have that next big step all done! Your SW sounds incredible!

I so hope your good news comes along SOON!! The waiting is so hard....
((hugs)) Lisa

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Sarah said...

I'd highly recommend taking up at new hobby. That has helped me a lot in the past to keep me going. I've really enjoyed digital scrapbooking and photography. I'm so glad that I learned while I was waiting... because once the little one comes home and you're holding velcro baby 24/7 you won't have time to learn something new.

Michelle said...

Thanks for the sweet comment, Terry. Isn't it amazing how the time lines change? I get asked all of the time about wait times for different programs and I can't even explain the current Ch*ina program, let alone others. I agree with Sarah. A new hobby is a good diversion during the wait.

QingLu Mama said...

One year is a long time to wait, and waiting is NO FUN! I am glad to hear the HS has been sent, I am hoping for a quick response (and a super quick referral!)
I did chuckle at your time lines though, how amazing and frighting to be "a Pioneer"! But those early adoptions paved the way and tweaked the systems for all of us that have come after!
And I didn't realize, or maybe forgot, that we both have Jiangxi girls!
I hope you hear something soon!!