Monday, September 26, 2011

Summer to Fall and Adoption News

I can't believe that summer is over and we are now comng into Fall.  I enjoy Fall, but I think I love summer more!  Our summer was pretty uneventful.  We received our final decree, that was the best & most exciting thing to happen.   We covered & closed up the pool for the summer.  :(  Kinda sad, but we are looking forward to next summer chasing a little one around.
Adam & Emily  September 2011

Adam started a new job and will continue to work part time while in college.  We moved him into his dorm, met his roommate, and stocked the cabinet with plenty of munchies fit for a college freshman.  He has a pretty full schedule but he is excited.  I think he is most excited about being on his own.   He is close enough to come home on weekends or for dinner if he wanted to.  It's enough distance to be out from Mom's
watchful eye, but yet close enough to home if he needs anything.  He has been home a few times already and it's only been three weeks, which makes me happy.  Yesterday he came home to help cover the pool, brought his laundry (which HE did!) and then everyone went to dinner.  A very nice day!!

Emily was in a local youth theater group this summer as well as her AP classes in school, so she kept us busy too.  Her AP Bio teacher gave them a test the first "offical" day of school, which I thought was kinda mean.  All the kids are excited the first day of school, and I thought it would be really hard to concentrate that day.  Haven't seen the test score yet, but I'm sure she did fine.  Her theater group put on the show The Sound of Music this year and Emily was Lesil, 16 going on 17.  Saturday was the last show night and all the kids did wonderful!!!  I wasn't able to sit and watch from the audience this year because I helped backstage changing all the kids with their costumes!  There are 7 Von Trapp children and I am thankful I don't have to keep up after that many children every day!  God Bless the Big families in the world.   I was soooo tired after this year's play.  But it was worth all the sticky hair spray, every pin prick, bruise and aching muscle - I wouldn't change a thing!!!!  We will have a movie night when the DVD's are released.

My sister-in-law and mother-in-law threw Kyle a Celebration of his (hopefully soon) homecoming!  It was an M&M themed party, our favorite candy!  All in primary colors, and I thought that was a really cute idea since the "baby" shower theme didn't seem to fit because he is 2yo now.  A clever idea!  There were loads of good wishes, food, snacks and bundles of Love that day.  Kyle received a lot of cute clothes, and many fun toys to play with.  I got to wear the funny hat full of bow and ribbons.  Sorry, no pictures available.  Kyle received a big wagon for pulling or riding in which Chris was looking forward to putting together.  Actually, haven't seen it since it came home, I think it's in the garage.  Will definitely check on that today.  :)  Now I can sit and look through all the packages enjoying that day all over again.  Then put it all away in his room, reclaiming my dining, catch all, room.

On our adoption, I'm sad to say that we are still waiting on our travel dates to meet Kyle.  Seems there is another document and signature required that is taking some time to obtain but necessary for the Visa & Passport application.  I think this is the sadest and HARDEST wait EVER!!!!  I haven't done too much in his room or even gone shopping. To be honest, I'm afraid to.  For Adam & Emily's adoptions I wasn't so worried about them coming home, I knew it would happen.  But for this little guy, I can't say I have that confindent feeling now.  Too many bumps, and none of the timelines we were given have been on "target" so I'm afraid to get my hopes up.  I think our co-ordinator has noticed my "worry" and hasn't given me a timeframe for this latest bump.  It's been a month since we received our final decree, and yet it feels like so much longer.  I was afraid of the possible timing conflicts for our travel would happen right at the same time as school starting and then the show dates. Since that is all behind us now, maybe, just maybe, with a dash of hope, and lots of prayers, all the cosmic forces will come together for our travel dates soon!!!!!    We are so ready to travel, met him and bring him HOME!!

Gotta get back to doing "work" things this morning!  I've also tried to post a comment on my friends blogs, but I keep getting a message that tells me "this Google account doesn't have access" ??  Very weird.  Any one else have similar troubles with Blogger?  Maybe because Google knows I'm at work and not doing "my work"     :)  Makes me wonder if the computer guys here are up to their sneaky things again??   I will try again from home.  Please know that I stop by often and enjoy reading the happenings of my Blogger friends, and reading about progress each family is making.  I just can't post it right now...?    :)
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Robin said...

Oh Terry- I am so sorry that you are still waiting on paperwork to bring your adorable little guy home. I kept checking back to your blog and thought maybe you traveled and life was too crazy to post. Please know that your family is in our thoughts and prayers. Hurry up paperwork, Kyle needs to come home!

QingLu Mama said...

What a fun and exciting time for all of you right now! So happy to hear all the news of Adam & Emily, can't believe how much they have grown since we "met"!
And so so so sad that you have this final bump before getting your son. I remember that wait, and we had a bump at the end as well and it was excruciating to say the least. I am sending all of my positive vibes to the powers that be across the great waters that it gets smoothed out soon!

Lisa said...

((hugs)) This is so hard for me to read...this unexpected additional bump in the I KNOW how heartbreaking and stressful this must be for you all.

I just know word will come and soon and your journey will be just around the corner...but its so hard when all of that feels/is out of our hands and doesn't follow the normal pattern.

I'm sorry my friend!!! Hang in there!!

Your 2 bigger blessings are both so incredible!!! I know they bring you such joy!!!

Thanks for keeping us posted!!!!

Mei-Lun said...

I remember those last minutes hoops to jump through. Seemed like they were just messing with us. Hope you get word of travel date very very soon!!